17 year old artist from Auburn, New York, Luke Mock, has a true passion for music. Inspired by famous musicians like Shawn Mendes, John Mayer, and Brendon Urie, Luke has developed his own unique playing style. His overall goal is to demonstrate his own emotions and life through catchy and meaningful lyrics that inspire listeners to believe in themselves and their dreams. His debut album “Awaken” released on February 10th, 2019! “Awaken is a dream come true, but this is only the beginning!”

Private Property

   Private Property is a duet band with Luke Mock and Shelby Weeks. Luke and Shelby are students of the Exchange Street Records music program at APT, and Perform 4 Purpose, under the guidance of Jim Van Arsdale. They have opened for national acts such as John Gorka on Auburn Public Theater’s Main Stage, in addition to performing regularly in Stage Right. 

  Luke and many other young musicians are members of the non-profit organization, Perform 4 Purpose. This organization provides opportunities for kids to play live music and raise money for charities, benefits, and more. While helping those in need, kids develop musicianship by performing in the community and trying new things. Perform 4 Purpose has helped raise over $800,000 within the county. Learn more or make a donation to Perform 4 Purpose by visiting their website at: http://perform4purpose.org